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2018 Greenhouse & Garden Tour

August 25th AND 26th from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. The Harvest Center and Master Gardeners host Greenhouse and Garden tours in Woodland Park and surrounding Teller County area.

CLICK HERE for flyer with map and details


For a Google Map of all sites go to: https://goo.gl/V2Bxfe


I wanted to invite you all  to a free greenhouse and garden tour on August 25 & 26 throughout  Teller and Park Counties.  Please see the flyer for all the  details, including the sites you can visit.  It is  a self-guided tour, so you can choose which sites to visit.  Carpooling  options are available if you are interested in seeing multiple  locations but don’t want to drive yourself.

We hope to see you there!

Mark J. Platten

Teller County Extension Director

Colorado State University Extension

2018 Greenhouse and Garden Tour

This year we will have two days of garden tours, August 25 & 26 from 10:00 - 2:00 both days.

For a Google Map of all sites go to: https://goo.gl/V2Bxfe

Saturday, August 25 (all sites in Woodland Park)

1. 1150 S. West Street: This is the site of the Aspen Valley Ranch where you can see a geodetic greenhouse dome, a standard greenhouse and several raised beds. David Fahler and The Harvest Center work side-by-side growing a variety of produce. This will be where we meet to carpool at 10 a.m.

2. 800 Valley View: Woodland Park Community Church sponsors this 12-bed community garden. Built in 2015, the garden is off to a great start. Community Partnership: Family Resources, The Harvest Center and Community Cupboard are partners.

3. 625 Sunnywood Ln: Chris Fahler  built a greenhouse and has a wicking raised bed, a hugelkulture bed, a woodchip garden, and a 2nd greenhouse. As a bonus, Chris will allow participants to tour his restored, vintage Airstream travel trailers.

4. 115 W Midland Ave: Jeff Wheeler has a hydroponics business and has developed a "Power Grow" product using bat guano.  Come and check out Jeff's setup and find out if hydroponics might be something you'd be interested in exploring.  Jeff will have some sort of onsite demonstration during the tour.

5. 1235 Woodland Valley Ranch Drive: Jenavie Brandt has a one-acre lot with a 22-foot geodesic grow dome and two outside raised beds. The greenhouse has only been up and running for a year, so we are still experimenting, but this is our second growing dome.


Sunday, August 26

Sunday we will tour the gardens and greenhouses outside Woodland Park. For those who wish to carpool, please meet at the Summit Elementary gardens at 10:00 a.m.

1. 490 Meadow Park Dr., Divide: Summit Elementary School has several community garden beds that were created with the help of The Harvest Center.  It will be the location where we meet to carpool at 10:00 a.m.

2. 256 Pikes Peak Lane, Florissant: This site is the home of Master Gardener, Cori Hopingardner.  She has a variety of vegetables, most notably a small crop of corn that she hopes to get some ears from later this fall.  Her home is under construction, but her gardens are well worth the visit!

3. 8871 CR 90, Lake George: Dean has a 50’ x 50’ garden area with ¼ of it being a home-built greenhouse. He grows abundant amounts of potatoes along with a variety of vegetables. For those of you interested in larger production, this is a must see! Directions:  8871 County Road 90, Lake George, Co., 80827. This is the very next driveway to the right after the Lake George fire department on County road 90, (which is the road to 11 Mile reservoir). Beware; some maps put it up near Wilkerson Pass, which is not correct. 

4. 85 Hideaway Dr. Florissant (Fran Sickles): Fran has a 20' X 30' garden bed with a lot of greens, vegetables, and flowers. She also has a large potato patch that she's been working since 2010.

5. 572 Gold Dust Creek Rd, Florissant (Karen Anderson) Karen is affectionately known as "The Plant Lady" and has a wide variety of herbs, trees, cacti, and other plants at her business located in Florissant.See the map below to the right since it can be a bit challenging getting to Karen’s house.

6. 10750 El Paso Trail, Green Mtn. Falls (Dominique Turnbull) Dominique has rock and crevice gardens that many of you could incorporate into your landscape in Teller and Park Counties.

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About The Harvest Center


The Harvest Center was registered as a non-profit corporation in Colorado in 2008. Our home is Woodland Park with our primary service area being Teller County.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The Harvest Center is a community organization dedicated to educating people of all ages in nutrition, health, and organic agricultural arts.  It will promote local commerce in high-altitude food production, using sustainable practices for operation, maintenance, and production at its facilities.  The Harvest Center will serve as a model for other communities learning to live in greater harmony with nature.